WHO & HOW We Help


The NACS Foundation provides funding for a number of surveys and research services to further educate NACS members and vendors and offer tools for personal career development and store and company expansion.
The Foundation publishes critical industry research to assist NACS members, such as The Salary & Benefits Survey and Student Watch.  The Salary & Benefits Survey helps you compare your store's compensation levels and benefits packages against those of other stores within the overall industry. Student Watch offers new insights into student consumers and identifies emerging trends to assist you to run your business in an effective and efficient manner.
All research published by the NACS Foundation is conducted by OnCampus Research. OnCampus Research, the indiCo custom market research division, assists vendors in penetrating the college market with a variety of quantitative and qualitative student and store research.
To become a volunteer store site for future surveys, e-mail OnCampus Research at research@nacs.org for more information.