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Program Development Benefit Guidelines
By applying for and being awarded a NACS Foundation State & Regional Program Grant, your Association must agree to the following benefit guidelines:
  • The NACS Foundation will be recognized as an event sponsor at the level equivalent to the full value of the grant and receive all marketing and promotional benefits provided at that level.
  • The Association will provide the NACS Foundation with one (1) complimentary full-registration to the conference/program to be used at the Foundation's discretion.
  • The NACS Foundation will be provided with an opportunity to make a brief presentation immediately prior to the sponsored session, incorporate Foundation program PowerPoint slides within the presenter’s materials, and to display and distribute Foundation literature (actual presentation time and materials to be negotiated prior to the meeting/event).
  • The NACS Foundation will receive an attendee list (including vendors) prior to the start of the event.
  • The NACS Foundation will be provided with an opportunity to participate in any additional sponsored program events as negotiated prior to the show.
Submission of your grant application implies that you have read, understood and agreed to the benefit guidelines as presented. Failure to provide the NACS Foundation with the outlined benefits will result in ineligibility for future program grants.