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Please submit requests for Foundation assistance no later than six weeks prior to your upcoming event. State and regional associations are eligible to receive one grant valued up to $1,000 per calendar year to aid with program development. For questions about the grant application, please contact Jaymee Skelly at

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Once your grant application has been submitted, , , will contact you to discuss program options. If you have questions or concerns prior to being contacted, you can send them to at . For a list of the program descriptions click here.

I have read and understand the STATE & REGIONAL ASSOCIATION PROGRAM GRANT BENEFIT GUIDELINES as well as the guidelines and eligibility requirements as presented for NACS Foundation Program Grants . I agree to fulfill the obligations as stated and give permission to the Foundation to use my name and organization for reporting and promotional purposes. The NACS Foundation will receive all marketing and promotional benefits, as well as be recognized as an event sponsor at the designated dollar level equal to the program grant amount allocated. In addition, I agree to provide the Foundation staff with a minimum of one (1) complimentary full-registration to the program to be used at the Foundation's discretion. I understand that once my association has received a grant, the association will not be eligible to receive additional grant assistance from the Foundation for a 12 month period after the requested program date has occurred.

For questions or concerns regarding the grant application process or the NACS Foundation, please contact at or (800) 622-7498, ext. .

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