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I give back to the Foundation, at this point in my life, because I want NACS members now, and in years to come, to have the opportunities I had to build a successful career in a very dynamic market that requires us to work together to attain true success."  -Tommye H. Miller

The Building a Better Tomorrow Major Gifts Campaign focuses on change in the industry, opportunities to plan for the future, and the critical role that the Foundation plays in helping the industry understand, prepare, and implement innovative solutions to passionately embrace the future.
The goal is to raise $1.5 million in financial commitments through tiered donations payable over five years. Considering that the college store industry has estimated sales in excess of $10 billion annually, investing in the industry through this campaign, will help ensure continuing growth and success for stores and vendors alike.
This Campaign will focus around organizing a grassroots campaign to bring together past, current and future “leaders and believers” to support the largest fundraising endeavor in Foundation history.

If you have any questions regarding the Building A Better Tomorrow Campaign, contact Vicki Morris Benion at the NACS Foundation at or call (800) 622-7498, ext. 2286.


1. Ensuring the Future: Endowment Development

The dynamics of collegiate retailing continually change, affecting virtually every person or entity that it represents. Normal resources are no longer sufficient to fund all of the education and research essential to the health and vitality of our industry.
The Foundation’s Epic Trust Endowment Fund continues to be an exceptional investment for current programming and future growth. Since its inception, the Foundation has been focused on developing financial resources necessary to support education programs and research that are critical to the future of the college store industry.
Currently at $4.5 million, the Epic Trust generates and provides the NACS Foundation with a percentage of interest income to invest in projects. Each year. Every year. And, it’s guaranteed funding that will be here when it’s needed. The Epic Trust presents a special investment opportunity for the current and future growth of the individuals, stores and companies that represent collegiate retailing. Building the Epic Trust Endowment Fund will become an even more important “insurance policy” for long-term stability.

2. Future Focused Initiatives

A proponent of addressing industry challenges and the health and vibrant future of the college store industry, the Foundation sponsored a number of symposia that have resulted in numerous articles, publications, education sessions, and tools for college stores.
2012 Industry Futures Symposium
The NACS Foundation and NACS hosted an Industry Futures Think Tank Invitational, July 13-15, 2012. During this event, several of the most plausible future scenarios for the industry looking to the 2016-2022 timeframe were developed.


Facilitated by a nationally known strategist, this event brought together the brightest and most forward-thinking minds in the industry, mainstream retail experts, and domestic and international partners in digital content and publishing. The NACS Board of Trustees has committed to aggressive strategy adjustments necessary for NACS, campus stores, suppliers, and campuses, to identify the issues of the future. The NACS Strategic Plan will be refreshed to reflect the outcomes of this critical exercise.

The Hub—Powered by the Higher Logic™ Connected Community platform
The Hub, powered by Higher Logic Connected Community Platform, is underwritten by the NACS Foundation through the support of Follett Higher Education Group. Implemented in November 2012, the Hub is a private social networking and online resource sharing platform for members to have quick and easy access to the right information at the right time. The Hub enables industry connections, provides more robust discussion lists, and facilitates access to, and sharing of, both NACS and peer-to-peer tools, samples and resources.
CAMEX Education
The NACS Foundation will be the proud sponsor of all education events at CAMEX. This commitment from the Foundation will encompass underwriting of the following: Thought Leader sessions, funding for all Invited Presenters, Trade Show PowerStarts and the Concurrent Sessions, Deep Dives and Flash Sessions.


Online Education & Webinars
The NACS Foundation will provide funding to offset some of the costs associated with updating an existing online course and creating a new one. Online courses will be coupled into a certificate program option for participants to provide a way for professionals to earn recognition for completing a structured course of study in collegiate retailing. Additionally, the Foundation will underwrite all free to members NACS webinar programs.




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